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First of all, a big thank you for your interest in the Republic of Ghana (formerly the Gold Coast) Africa's Heritage Country. Ghana is located in the coastal part of west Africa along the Gulf of Guinea and bordered by Burkina Faso in the north, by Cote d'voire (Ivory Coast) in the west and by Togo in the east. The country has a total land area of: 238,540 sq km (approximately the same size as the United Kingdom and slightly smaller than Oregon state in the US). Ghana has a population of 21.8 million inhabitants with many ethnic groups, and each ethnic group has its unique culture and traditions. A record of 49 languages are spoken among all the ethnic groups, but the official language is English. And the currency is cedi(s). The country is divided into ten functional regions and each region has a lot of places of interest for tourist. Record of the ten regions include TheGreater Accra Region (Accra), Ashanti Region (Kumasi), Brong Ahafo Region (Sunyani), Western Region (Takordi), Central Region (Cape coast), Eastern Region (Koforidua), Volta Region (Ho), Northern Region (Tamale), Upper East Region (Bolgatanga), and the Upper West Region (Wa).

Ghana 'the pride of Africa' is not a large country by the African standards, yet has lots to offer in terms of Tourism. The country boast with its enormous tourist Attractions, hence,with a lot of historical sites, beautiful landscapes,warm tropical weather and also Ghana has some of the finest white-bone sandy beach resorts along the coast and with world class hotels and restaurants. Visit Ghana and enjoy the hosipitality, nature and the friendly reception of the people, you will not be disappointed.

(Jessey Abilba, Vopac Official Guide)





Themba blev introducerade till landet Ghana från början av vår gode vän Morten Ledskov. Morten är en fantastisk man med ett stort hjärta och engagemang. Bolgakorgarna som ni hittar i Världsbutiken Themba är tillverkade i ett utvecklingsprojekt som Morten driver i Upper East Region i Ghana tillsammans med Havilak. Varje sommar organiserar Morten och Global Trade en månads lång Fair Trade Festival och med en stor stödkoncert på Bornholm. Vi var med där förra året och det är en upplevelse som vi varmt rekommenderar alla att delta i. Vill ni följa med i år kan ni maila in på info@themba.se så får ni mer information. Vill ni läsa mer om Global-Trade och Festivalen kan ni gå in på www.global-trade.dk.


Under Fair Trade festivalen 2008 träffade vi Jessey. Jessey var inbjuden av Global Trade för att berätta om Ghana. Jessey berättade om VOPAC som han är engagerad i hemma i Ghana och sedan augusti har Themba stått i nära kontakt med VOPAC.  Thembas ungdomsgrupp är sedan december i full gång med att få till stånd ett utbytesprojekt i vilket Themba och VOPAC kan mötas och lära känna varandra bättre och gemensamt formulera ett utvecklingsprojekt. Här nedan kan ni läsa VOPACs egen presentation.



VOPAC - Village of Pottery and Arts Centre


Village of Pottery, Art and Culture (VOPAC) is a community based organisation (CBO) established in Sumbrungu, a village near Bolgatanga, the Upper East Region capital of Ghana.

Sumbrungu is a rural area with a population of 12000 inhabitants.  Most of them being resource-poor farmers.  The people of Sumbrungu can no longer depend solely on their main occupation (farming) for survival due to many reasons.  Declining soil fertility, erratic rainfall patterns, low crops and lifestock returns among others. 

VOPAC was recently formed in 2003 to adress these issues.  It aims at reviving and preserving the cultural works of the people of Sumbrungu for both economic and cultural reasons.  To this end it is envisaged that VOPAC would go into an eco-tourism centre of generating sufficient incomes that could be used to fund development in other areas such as in education, sanitation and health. 

VOPAC has three interest groups: traditional painting, pottery and basket weaving.  Currently VOPAC has already supported five household with materials for painting/symbolic design works of their houses.  VOPAC-activities would spread gradually to cover all the five communities of Sumbrungu.  The main targeted groups are women, children and youth. 

The purpose of VOPAC is to provide an alternative source of employment through the production of pottery, arts and cultural works.  VOPAC also hopes to promote a sustainable socio-economic entrepreneuship that has the capacity to harmess local resource (natural and human) for accelerated rural development. 

To achieve this human capacities (cultural, social, technical and economical) would be developed so as to empower individuals to bring about positive change in their lives.  Hence it is hoped that an integrated programme would be developed that makes use of low input and available local resources for sustainable development.


This project has been cancelled due to circumstances in Ghana. For more information about this please contact chairperson@themba.se


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